Solutions to City Crime Spillover

Campus police departments are usually faced with safety concerns over
geographical areas that can extend for miles off campus. They must also find a way to work efficiently with local law enforcement agencies and community groups.

In addition, technology and city infrastructure challenges often interfere with campus police response and their coordination efforts with other local agencies.

The purpose of this webinar is to identify challenges specific to campus policing in urban environments, as well as provide potential solutions and recommendations for addressing them.

There's no written playbook for successfully navigating these issues, but some colleges and universities have forged new paths by leveraging technology to be effective and improve safety. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Actionable strategies to address city crime spillover

  • Ways to optimize campus police department resources

  • Ways to provide better safety to faculty and students while balancing the campus safety needs with the needs of the surrounding communities

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Margo Bennett

Chief of Police
University of California - Berkeley


John Buckovich

Vice President 
SCAD Savannah and University Safety

About the Panelists

Margo Bennett - UC Berkeley Police Chief 

Chief Margo Bennett has more than 40 years of law enforcement experience that ranges from community policing work to expertise in investigating major crimes at the federal level. She has been serving as UC Berkeley’s Police Chief since April, 2013.

Chief Bennett’s policing career began at West Georgia University, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in sociology/criminal justice and a master’s in counseling psychology. After earning her degrees, she rose to the level of lieutenant at WGU before moving on to the FBI, where she worked for more than a decade, developing expertise in training special agents in interview and interrogation techniques, hostage negotiations and other skills.

She left the FBI for the Northern Virginia Community College Police Department, where she rose to the rank of police chief for the multi-campus educational institution, the nation’s second-largest community college. Bennett joined the UCPD as a captain in 2002, and has oversaw management matters including recruitment, selection and training of all UCPD personnel; development of UCPD policies; and oversight of community-service work including crime-prevention efforts, night-safety programs and residential security. She currently manages UCPD’s 149 employees, including 66 sworn officers. 

John Buckovich - Vice President for SCAD Savannah and University Safety

John Buckovich oversees day-to-day safety at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Savannah location and brings expertise in leadership, critical thinking and crisis response. His goal every day is to make sure each student feels comfortable at SCAD and is safe from even the most unlikely crisis. He comes to SCAD from 30 years of law enforcement experience in Virginia. He brings with him extensive knowledge in maintaining public safety. He's overseen training of firefighters, first responders and even members of the Army and Air National Guard, and he has also planned Virginia's state-level emergency preparedness.