The following story describes how COPLINK X provided missing information on a case that helped identify suspects in a string of robberies. 

In August of 2021, an investigation began on a string of 8 armed robberies that spanned over five cities and three counties. Two of these robberies occurred in Newark and involved three suspects. Two suspects entered the store and one was a getaway driver. During the second robbery in Newark, a Sergeant located a possible getaway vehicle driving from the scene and was able to obtain the license plate prior to it fleeing the area. Using COPLINK X, an investigator was then able to search the license plate. The search showed information from Oakland PD from a prior armed robbery in January of 2021. During that case, two suspects were arrested, one of whom matched the description of one of the suspects for the current case. Further search of the suspects, within COPLINK X, led to information in San Jose PD which identified the third suspect in the case.

"Without the information provided by COPLINK X, I would have never figured out who committed these robberies since the suspects wore gloves and completely covered their faces. The information I obtained from COPLINK X allowed me to compare more details about the suspects, obtain cellular data and social media information ultimately leading to substantial evidence of the crime. This led to a tri-county take down of all three suspects who are now in custody. Thank you to everyone at COPLINK X for making this system work so well and keep pushing forward to get every agency on board with this system!" - Todd Nobbe, Investigator at Newark PD

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