The following story describes how Forensic Logic COPLINK helped officers in San Bernardino County find critical information, with a simple and quick search, leading to the arrest of a violent suspect.

Officers received a call that there was a large fight involving approximately 40 people at a party venue in Redlands, CA. Officers broke up the fight; however, as participants dispersed they were alerted to another large fight in front of a residence which was about a mile away from their current location. As officers arrived at the residence, they quickly discovered that the fist fight had now escalated into an ADW and attempted murder with a suspect shooting the victim in the hand and abdomen. The suspect was described as a BMA with a moniker of "Poppy". 

Witnesses to the incident stated that the participants were a member of a Bloods gang out of Pasadena, CA which is approximately 60 miles away. Using the information provided at the scene, officers conducted a quick search within COPLINK. Using the search criteria of the moniker, "Poppy", and the gang affiliation, COPLINK quickly found a possible suspect matching the provided descriptions. Diving deeper into the information in COPLINK, officers found that the suspect had over 190 documents connected to him from the San Bernardino and LA county nodes. These documents indicated that he was currently on probation for ADW and flagged as extremely violent. The search within COPLINK also showed that the suspect frequented the area and had a recent address about eight miles away from the shooting. This information was immediately turned over to investigators and after their investigation, a warrant was issued for the suspect’s arrest.

"Using the limited information available, a quick and simple association search in COPLINK allowed the Department to quickly focus the investigation. This resulted in the issuance of an arrest warrant for a very violent criminal. COPLINK is an essential investigative tool, providing our officers with the means to find vital investigative leads that would not otherwise be readily apparent." Clete Hyman, Redlands Police Department

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