The following story describes how Forensic Logic COPLINK helped an officer obtain critical information during a traffic stop. 

An officer had a stop in Linden and the gentleman provided him with an Ohio driver's license. He also had 2 Tennessee license numbers issued to him, one being a generated dl number from a crash in Tennessee in 2017. Using COPLINK X, the officer was able to look at the gentleman's time in Tennessee and Ohio, the vehicle being used, and a female associate from Ohio who was the driver of the vehicle in the crash. The vehicle was registered to the gentleman who was a passenger in the crash. The report also showed that he had no registered insurance. Given the limited information of just being a passenger on the crash report and not having insurance, a driver's license number was generated to his name and DOB. Using the information provided in COPLINK X, the officer began to cross-reference the information and make a case.

"COPLINK X is very useful during vehicle search and roadblocks. It provides quick and easy access to important information. I find it to be a great tool" -Steven Karpati, Trooper at Tennesse Highway Patrol

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