Agencies across the nation are currently working hard to find ways to limit an officer’s exposure to the COVID-19 virus while continuing to serve the needs of the communities. This includes responding to in-progress events only and driving the community to file online reports for all other incidents. This new approach to law enforcement greatly helps to limit the exposure of officers, however, it creates a true data problem.

Information is key to solving a case, removing a violent offender, and keeping an officer safe from harm. With reporting moving to an online base, law enforcement needs to make greater use of technology and solutions that help them use data to drive investigations and reduce crime. 

Discover how technology and information can help law enforcement reduce crime during a global pandemic by providing the following.  

  • Remote access to critical investigative information from within the department and across the country
  • Information and technology available from any web-enabled device, for the entire department, to increase efficiency despite limiting resources 
  • Powerful visualizations that provide actionable insights, in real-time, to identify crime trends and prevent criminal activity 

Remote Access to Critical Information

With many officers working remotely and avoiding in-person investigations whenever possible, law enforcement needs the ability to access critical information at any time and from any location. When solving crimes, every second counts.

With Forensic Logic’s police database software, COPLINK X, your investigators and patrol officers can access relevant, actionable information from any web-based device. The ability to quickly search COPLINK X for leads and suspects helps your officers make more informed decisions and solve crimes more quickly all while limiting an officer’s exposure to COVID-19.

With over 1 billion agency records, COPLINK X holds the most powerful network of law enforcement information in the country. You can access a wide range of data, including court data, evidence, and lab data, NIBIN shell casing reports, mugshots, probation and parole information, warrants, CrimeDex alerts, BOLOs, vehicular data and the universe of Thomson Reuters CLEAR records.

Increase Efficiency Despite Limiting Resources

Social distancing restrictions have created even more difficulties for law enforcement as their resources have become further reduced in an effort to limit officer exposure to the virus. Quick access to relevant information improves situational awareness for law enforcement users at all levels. As a result, law enforcement can collaborate more effectively and solve crimes more quickly. This allows them to not only use current resources more efficiently, solving more crime with few officers on the streets, but it also frees up limited resources to solve other cases and prevent more crime.

COPLINK X’s key performance indicators help agencies conduct more effective statistical analysis across all available data. A collection of geographic information systems, statistical graphs, charting and analytical tools work with the rich database to help agencies leverage their data and better allocate resources. 

Powerful Visualizations and Actionable Insights

In addition to finding relevant information, law enforcement needs to be able to quickly make sense of it. That’s why we’ve integrated our powerful search capabilities and COPLINK’s advanced analytics and reporting within COPLINK X.

By centralizing and applying complex analytics across multiple data sets, COPLINK X provides customized reporting and can help your staff identify patterns, anomalies, and outliers:

  • Patrol Officers can instantly access the critical information they need to make the right decisions both in the field and from remote locations.
  • Analysts can better perform entity resolution, link analysis and intelligence production without traditional geospatial, temporal or technical restrictions. 
  • Investigators can glean actionable insights, in real time, that help identify crime trends and reduce criminal activity.
  • Command Staff can develop meaningful metrics with access to the largest network of law enforcement data and a more comprehensive CompStat landscape.

Used by over 2,000 agencies nationwide, COPLINK X is a critical tool for law enforcement. For more information, please fill out the information below.

 Forensic Logic Police Database Software Solutions

Forensic Logic has spent more than a decade collaborating with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to deploy the largest, most powerful network of users, information and technology in American law enforcement.

We’ve combined our industry-leading search engine, LEAP, with COPLINK’s advanced analytics and reporting to offer a full suite of information technology in a single platform. The finest tools and the richest data are now matched with streamlined integrations and rapid deployment.

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