The below case study describes how Forensic Logic’s intuitive and powerful search engine allowed officers to obtain critical information that completely changed the course of an investigation, ultimately resulting in the arrest of a dangerous homicide suspect. 

The Homicide section of Oakland Police Department was conducting a surveillance on the listed address of an individual in Richmond CA who had a warrant for homicide. The suspect was the registered owner of a distinct and recognizable vehicle used in the crime. The surveillance team had spent 48 hours at the listed address without any activity. 

“I was asked to come in on a Sunday and supervise the surveillance, and I accepted the overtime opportunity.” said the OPD Sergeant who was a supervisor in the Special Victims Unit at the time of the case. “Upon arrival at the scene I decided to research the suspect further. I was able to pull up COPLINK Search directly on my cell phone to do some further investigation. Through a quick search, I identified an arson report that occurred at another location in Richmond.” 

Further details on the report found on COPLINK Search showed that the homicide suspect that OPD was currently doing surveillance on was listed in the report as a witness. After further intel, the team discovered that the suspect had already provided a statement that he was sleeping in his bedroom when he heard a noise outside. “This was the moment I realized that we had a bad or outdated address for the suspect” recalled the OPD Sergeant.  

Looking back at the information found on COPLINK Search, the OPD Sergeant decided to pursue the location of the arson report in Richmond CA, although originally not part of the investigation. “Much to the homicide investigators surprise I told them over the radio that I was going to check out another address that I found using COPLINK Search. I drove my under-cover vehicle to the updated address and discovered the suspect’s vehicle used in the crime parked in front. Within a few minutes the suspect came walking out. I advised the homicide team over the radio and we were able to take him in to custody with assistance from Richmond PD.” 

The ability to quickly access information directly from a mobile phone, allowed this OPD Sergeant to discover critical investigative information that completely altered the outcome of the case. Through a quick and simple search, OPD immediately found a new address that led them to their suspect and helped them solve a case.  

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