Mayors of major cities are asking Senate and House leadership for emergency funding to help municipalities address gun violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite a significant drop in most types of crime across the nation in the past month, violent crime, specifically shootings, have remained steady or have actually intensified in many cities. 

Law enforcement is spread thin because of social distancing restrictions, officers contracting the virus and many social service agencies suspending their work. With this change, violence prevention specialists are desperately needed and there is a greater reliance on the public to provide investigative information.

Information is key to solving a case and preventing violent gun crime. COVID-19 has greatly challenged police work, which relies on trust built through face-to-face interaction but has now been forced to move online. With reporting moving to an online base, law enforcement needs to make greater use of technology and solutions that help them use data to drive investigations and reduce violent gun crime. 

“I don’t remember any time in my 40-plus years of doing this work where we’ve had an event like this — that really demands we see the work differently, and see ourselves differently,” said the director of violent prevention for Oakland, CA.  “These violence interrupters came about because traditional professions didn’t have the credibility to engage certain folks. … We can be doing more.”

Forensic Logic’s Crime Gun Initiative helps combat violent crime by integrating your existing point solutions (e.g., gunshot location, gun tracing, ballistics association and more) into a common analytics platform to enable intelligence-led policing.

Forensic Logic COPLINK SEARCH™ provides a simple search platform that automatically finds associations between people, locations, vehicles, telephone numbers, firearms and more. It aggregates cross-jurisdictional data into a national data network, making it easily searchable. COPLINK SEARCH helps to eliminate the challenges departments face by:

  • Seamlessly integrating all information systems residing in an agency
  • Automating submissions to eTrace and visualizing NIBIN results
  • Layering data with RMS firearm entries, gunshot location information, NIBIN reports, firearm traces and more
  • Producing timely, complete and actionable leads

As a result, you can expand your search, find the information you need more easily and solve domain-specific crimes more quickly.

Forensic Logic has partnered with officers in the field, who have been chartered with violent crime, to deploy the Crime Gun Initiative program. With many of our customers now working directly on product development we have on-hands experience that guide us on the tools and technology needed to reduce violent gun crime.

Tight integration with NIBIN, eTrace and ShotSpotter

COPLINK SEARCH can be seamlessly integrated with NIBIN, eTrace and ShotSpotter so you can submit and investigate violent crime information much more quickly. Firearm information can be traced the moment it is entered it into your local Records Management System or Property System.

Reduce violent gun crime with enhanced crime gun intelligence:

  • Access critical information regarding violent gun crime within a single platform
  • Search across all applications and participating agency information systems
  • Simplify comprehensive and timely gun tracing and crime analysis
  • Accelerate your investigative leads with ballistics data hits received from NIBIN system
  • Enable real-time alerts and notifications so you know the second you get a hit
  • Measure results with Crime Gun CompStat Report and Dashboard

Learn more about our solution here.

 Forensic Logic Police Database Software Solutions

Forensic Logic has spent more than a decade collaborating with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to deploy the largest, most powerful network of users, information and technology in American law enforcement.

We’ve combined our industry-leading search engine, LEAP, with COPLINK’s advanced analytics and reporting to offer a full suite of information technology in a single platform. The finest tools and the richest data are now matched with streamlined integrations and rapid deployment.

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