• San Bernardino County: The following story describes how Forensic Logic COPLINK helped officers in San Bernardino County find critical information, with a simple and quick search, leading to the arrest of a violent suspect. Case Study >

  • San Francisco PD: The following story describes how Forensic Logic COPLINK provided critical information for a homicide. Case Study > 

  • Newark PD: The following story describes how COPLINK X provided missing information on a case that helped identify suspects in a string of robberies. Case Study > 


  • "The results from the Coplink search led to the positive identification of the suspect.  I was also able to track the suspect and when he traveled back to San Francisco, he was arrested and is now awaiting trial for murder. Without the information obtained from COPLINK, I would not have known the suspect's whereabouts." - William Pon, Investigator at San Francisco PD
  • "Using the limited information available, a quick and simple association search in COPLINK allowed the Department to quickly focus the investigation. This resulted in the issuance of an arrest warrant for a very violent criminal. COPLINK is an essential investigative tool, providing our officers with the means to find vital investigative leads that would not otherwise be readily apparent." Clete Hyman, Redlands Police Department
  • "For the past few months, the City of Ceres has seen a rise in commercial burglaries. During one event a security camera captured the suspect's face and shoulder tattoo. The tattoo was a very distinctive “SF”. I typed in the information to Coplink and after a few seconds of searching, I located my suspect. A warrant was issued and the suspect was subsequently arrested a few days later." - Detective Jon Ceres, Ceres Police Department
  • "Without the information provided by COPLINK X, I would have never figured out who committed these robberies since the suspects wore gloves and completely covered their faces. The information I obtained from COPLINK X allowed me to compare more details about the suspects, obtain cellular data and social media information ultimately leading to substantial evidence of the crime. This led to a tri-county take down of all three suspects who are now in custody. Thank you to everyone at COPLINK X for making this system work so well and keep pushing forward to get every agency on board with this system!" - Todd Nobbe, Investigator at Newark PD



  • Kansas City PD: The following story describes how Forensic Logic COPLINK provided key information for a homicide. Case Study >

  • Houston PD: The following story describes how Forensic Logic COPLINK helped confirm the identity of a murder suspect. Case Study > 


  • "I originally did not feel confident with the information provided to me but ended up with a success because of COPLINK X" Logan Konopasek, Analyst at Kansas City Police Department



  • "COPLINK X assisted me with searching our own records when the program was in its infancy. I was able to locate over 500 reports related to an investigation I was working and using COPLINK X I was able to easily sift through what was important and what was not." - Jeremy Melton, Sergeant at Cobb County Police Department 

  • "I greatly appreciate the simplicity of the search functions. COPLINK X's searching power is consistently quicker and easier than using the native search function in our agency's RMS that I stopped searching our records internally and use COPLINK X to search for our own reports or persons. This has expedited my ability to find data without waiting for our system to maybe return the result I needed, while also searching neighboring agencies and linking me to data that assists our investigations. COPLINK X is vital to our day-to-day investigations." - Detective Barday, Investigator at Cobb County Police Department